On a bridge across the severn on a Saturday night

Tässä tälläinen pikku tarina. En oo koskaa aiemmin kirjoittanut mitään tälläistä, en edes suomeksi. Mutta jo inspiraatio iski kerranki ja tässä se olis:

She put on her new silky black lace dress. Perfect cut, simple but cute peace of fabric against her white pale skin made her look even more vulnerable that she already was -in a good way. She had black stockings on which darken her legs just slightly, beautifully and elegantly. She had her first ever pair of black high-heel shoes with 12cm heel. She would be shit-scared of falling and get embarrassed herself by now, but she was prepared by using the shoes two months before every night at home. To get used to them, walking around with them, to make them fully fit to her foot so she would now; today walk proudly like one of the supermodels

She looked gorgeous and she had some of her brown hair on topknot and some of them hanging on the sides little bit curled that just slightly touched her collarbones. A golden cross necklace on her neck that she got from her mom when she turned fifteen. She felt like every piece of accessories were important 'cause even just one "wrong" choice would make her look totally different. She was feeling sentimental and every single feeling on her head was multiple. Everything did care and had such weight on it. But not a bad way. She was ready for her big night and she was happy. Everything had started just fine and it made her feel less nervous. Just little add of red lipstick and some dark eye shadow around her shining blue eyes finished her look. 'Dressing smartly will make you feel proud about yourself, despite the fact that you had nothing to be proud of ' -like they had always said. She hoped that she was prove of that and tonight she was hoping that those someones were seeing that too. She took one last look into the mirror checking herself for the last time. 'This is now or never, I've got nothing to lose.' She said to herself in her mind and then smiled to the reflection and left out of her hotel room.

On her way to the venue, her confidence was shaken little bit. She bit her words and look herself once in a while through the class windows that she was passing by. 'clear your mind Susie for fuck sakes! you know what i mean... relax.' She stopped in the middle of the street and closed her eyes and took three deep breaths until she finally open them, starting to walk again. Her worried thoughts has now almost all of them thrown out from her head. She takes her cellphone from her handbag and start to text, just to distract herself a little so she wouldn't think anymore.

She has always been insecure, but still she has some hidden confidence deep inside. She is normal, beautiful girl from a tiny village. She is clever, strong, funny, kind and lovable person. She had all the good qualities that the girl from the next door has. Now she was in London city trying to do almost the impossible. This night is maybe her only change, everything in her life was pointing at to this moment. She over dramatize some of her thoughts but she was deadly serious about this. She is now trying her hardest for once in her life. ' I can do this, I' can be proud of myself just  for being here now.' She kept thinking. And that was true. After 6 months of waiting and rehearse. She had cried & screamed, thrown furniture's against the wall in the middle of night, stressed about little details, had sleepless nights, being angry to herself lots of time. But mostly this journey has been best time of her life. And she now know's that, and it feels good to know. She hasn't never been this devoted in her life. She has learn to be patient, discipline, to trust her own talents and that everyone can do whatever the fuck, if you want it enough. And mostly to never give up... and know... she finally knows what she wants.

Now only one block left and then one turn to the right and then she is finally at the dancing studio called Verona. Of course the guys has picked this place, which was an beautiful idea. That thought made her feel warm inside and she smiled on herself all the way to the end of the street. One last turn and now Susie finally sees the big black and white sign with big letters on it against the tiled wall. Beneath that dancing studio sign  there is two big white printed papers and she could guess from a far that what there would be reading. She plays one last song of her Ipod before she had to go in. She slows her walking and take her time that she still has left...

'Verona, oo oooh, from the first time that I saw you. Verona I knew, that tomorrow would be different.'

She is now only few steps away from the door and she pauses her music and stops right at the door. She knows the steps, She has watched the music video hundreds of times and she couldn't forget anything, it was printed in her head. She was nervous, but she was sure. She couldn't be more prepared. She wanted to become on of the dancer on their European tour so badly. And this was her only opportunity. She could now read the text of the two papers and it says exactly the same as she thought it would. Without hesitation she opens the door and step in. 'This is now or never, I've got nothing to lose."



Koska inspiraatio iski kerrankin. Huomaatte mistä inrpiraationi vetäisin ja mistä bändistä, minkäs teet. :D Mutta tässä on tulos. Itsestäni se on iha ok, ainakin nyt, en tiedä nukutun yön jälkeen mitä mieltä olen ehkä aamulla. Mut kertokee. parannettavaa, täyttä paskaa, iha hyvä!? mitä mitä mitä? tell me. Ja tiedän siinä on tuhat virhettä, en osaaa englantia ja tiedän sen. En vaivautunut edes tarkistamaan virheitä, anteeksi. :D ja siis kaikki, vaikka te randomitki jos satutte silmäilee niin kommenttia nyt heti. :))

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